My new frame arrived in the mail on the weekend.

Some of you might have seen it listed on ebay a month back as a McBain - whether or not that’s true it turned out to be a really nice frame regardless, and a big step up from my last one.

I love that fork crown

The red paint is an awesome pearlescent. The photographs don’t really do it justice.

nice little spear heads stamped in to the lugs.

Gipemme track ends and drop outs.

And it fits my Sugino SP-H fluted seat post!

The frame is real light and feels awesome to ride, I can pretty much steer it with my butt.

The seat tube is 57 c-c, and the top tube is 56 c-c although the actual distance is 55 as the TT slants by about a centimetre.

Now I just need to get a nice vintage crank set and chain wheel, maybe a gold chain, and this old monster machine will be boss!

first get a better lock. nice bike though

ha ha! that’s exactly what I did this evening

Nice one. I’m glad someone on here picked it up.

Cheers mate. I was surprised (and a little worried) that no one else bid.

very nice, and the a new/old crank set would look the part, one thing, can you move the rear wheel to get more chain tension looks a little slack, might just be the photo though!

how do you get mail on the w.e?

probably a courier.
as an aside, i asked my friend who worked for australia post why my wiggle packages always turned upon sunday, and he said the parcel delivery contractor was probably taking days off during the week and then catching upon the weekend. dodgy but convenient for me.

Cheers man. I set this bike up on my lunch break and took the photos straight away, I fixed a few things later like chain tension, seat angle etc. I’ll post some better pics when I get the right cranks

Sorry, just to clarify - it arrived on Friday and I picked it up from the po on Saturday.