Mercian Track

I picked this frame up a few weeks ago of a guy who used to race it locally.
Not sure of the age but it does seem reasonably old with the lug work. Early 1980’s?

Built up with mostly campy parts excluding the Old Suntour Superbe head set. Hopefully find a campy headset and get a shorter stem for it. 130mm it a bit much for me!

Undecided if I should run it with yellow or black tape and saddle.

I think I like the yellow more!

Black looks classy IMO, nice find, and I’m sure someone In here would be happy to buy that headset
Edit:just saw the yellow and that looks sweet too!

Lovely stuff. Im not usually a fan on coloured bar tape or saddle but the yellow looks really good.

Either way, it looks sweet.

Nice build <posting on tumblr>

I like the yellow, those old mericans have so much style

yellow with the short stem! badass!!!

Both nice yellow looks a bit like you have tried to match it up black just looks pure class.

Black. Or put yellow tyres on the yellow option.

I think we need a ‘spot the difference’ thread.

Fuckin lovely… And I’d be mire than happy to take that headset off you as long as it’s still running nicely, pm me when you take it out

paging user SLC! He’ll like this

Sweet, I’ll let you know. It’s still running nicely but is the road version. It has Suntour Superbe Road stamped on the top cap.

Hopefully I’ll find a shorter stem for it in the weekend.

This is nice, yellow is classy on bikes.

fuck yellow, black looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

and yep, where’s SLC, he’ll get a mad chubby

Damnit Gene! You keep beating me to all the Suntour bits! Second in line for the headset if for some absurd reason that Gene changes his mind.
Also, absolutely stunning bike. I think the black looks a lot cleaner than the yellow, personally. Either way, hot shit!

Amazing bike dude! I like the black combo

you have probably had the best input in the ‘post your ride’ forum by any member…

The Vivalo, Bosomworth Pursuit, Clamont Pursuit and the Don Gibbs… Now this. I’m Jealous

another lovely build mate. +1 on Black looking better, but i reckon a white turbo and white tape would look wayyyy better than either!

i’ll take road its as close as im gonna get to finishing off the group as the pista ones are practically non existent

as for the colour i’d let your arse decide, those are 2 fairly different saddles so your arse may find one more comfortable, they both look good so ride what feels good too

Yellow + 1. Its got yellow highlights on the decals, defs run with that.

prefer the stem/drops with the black, but prob in yellow.

Nice… Sum gumwall tyres would suit the era and set off the yellow.

ah man, so lovely…

mercian = pure class.

EDIT: totally want more pics, bro