Merckx Corsa ending soon

Can’t post link as I’m in my phone!

Item number 290537051378

This is it here

I am glad that you put this up, I was very tempted to bid on it, take it apart, polish it and build it up with the Ultegra groupset I am selling, but I don’t need the hassle.

Good project for someone here.

I’m not too familiar with the corsa extras, but every one i’ve seen has had the internal cables along the top tube, it’s obviously legit, panto’d here there and everywhere, sweet buy if it stays at 500

I have a corsa extra from 1987, has external cable routing along top tube. I have seen brochures from late 80’s that have this also. All legit - internal routing came around 88 89 I believe (but may be wrong). There is a website that outlines the merckx BB stamping nomenclature, can’t remember what it is called, but google will reveal its secrets.

Anyone know what the colour system is, if it is a specific team and what gruppo that team raced on? Spirito?

Stuttgart Merckx very nice and my size.

^ hot

if someone inter state REALZY wants this, if they could organise the seller to drop it into the city i could arrange for it to be boxed up and sent…

i really didnt need to see this.

Someone got a cheap bike.

yeah nice price, market seems down generally of late…

hellz yeah it has.

someone got a verry good deal

not sure that it’s “down”, but not at the ridiculous prices it has been with every man wanting a steel fixie in the last couple of years?

i would say there has been a bit of a market correction going on as the new fixie craze has died down a bit

plus people are a bit more picky about what they are buying

The market is all over the fucking place. A friend just sold his old Columbus SL track frame with some Super Mightys on it for $770.

Sorry is that good or bad price?

It’s a good price if you’re selling!

Right, sorry I’m a bit out of touch with the market these days… :slight_smile: