Merckx Max (big)

US$999 with free shipping. Pretty decent given the exchange rate. But only for giants:

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Columbus MAX Frame Fork top rar (eBay item 130450154084 end time 01-Dec-10 08:21:46 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

probably too big for me unfortunately…jams?


yeah, my size. can i borrow $985?
what’s that little pin on the headtube under the toptube?

turbo booster.

for frame pumps.

bring them back!

I’ve got 2 NOS Max Merckxs. That’s a bargain, and they are fantastic frames.

ya see, i reckon i could get away with it too. i’m only a little short than you jams…

i could rock it, i just dont want too…

Touch ups around the lugs scare me. It may have been bent and straitened back out. I may also not know what I am talking about.

Looks legit to me