Merckx Pista complete 56.5 x 56

Merckx Pista complete 56.5 x 56 Corsa Extra full C-Record… free shipping ebay

i dont think this will sell

I was trying to add it all up and work out a rough price total. To hard.

Are they sheriff stars too? It’s not an unreasonable price IMO especially if it’s got sheriff stars

i dont think the price is unreasonable but i still doubt it will sell for that money

I just worked out between $2500 and $4000 if you were to buy it in parts and build from ebay.

it certainly isn’t cheap, you’d be a goose to spend $4k wouldn’t you? getting into dreambike territory, how long to wait before another frame comes up in this size?

Good buying for someone who is lazy. I think better suited bars/seatpost/tape/saddle and it would sell.