Go. Beautiful steel frame road bike 55cm TT | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia South Perth Area - Salter Point | 1049819336



That looks like columbus max to me- someone get this please

If its legit - I would purchase if someone is happy to help me get it to CBR?

^ come on perth peeps. Help FOA’s most awesome mo’ owner out

Paging Jase.

Hang on… am I doing this right?

Needz moar pathos.

legit? haven’t seen a fork like that on a merckx before (but no expert). decent buying in any case.

^ Yeah, the more I look the less I’m convinced. Clamp on FD is probably a clue…the high quality pics don’t help.

Looks like Campy group, though. So either way probably good buying.


Paging my Mum. If you pick this up for me, maybe I’ll come and visit more…

cant say ive ever seen a merckx with lugs like that, so i got my doubts

at the same time, looks like a very nice frame and a fair price considering parts

I’ve seen so many different Merckx frames from that 80s 90s period it’s hard to tell what is what. Keen to see what it’s made of. Reason I though it could be max is the top tube at least looks ovalised. Dunno about the lugs. But yeah , at that price whoever gets it is onto a bargain.

lold so hard

10 spd friction shift - the old mullet has just come back but grown an extra 4 inches.

Sticker placement looks kinda odd. #doubtful