Mercx Pista anyone?

maybe for a beater? or would look the goods with some b43’s on the rear and an aerospoke…

in all seriousness, this is bike porn.

Eddy Merckx Pista Track Frame + Fork 56cm Mint!! | eBay

First one I’ve ever seen in cromor.

can you drill those forks for a brake? it should be cheaper because there is no paint on the forks or back of frame…


He’s got another Merckx for sale, too: Eddy Merckx MX Leader 57cm | eBay

i would give both my nuts for an MX leader

I think you’d have a better chance with a kidney, unless your nuts are NOS?

^ or njs stamped.

money can buy happiness and MXL’s. There are better MAX frames out there.

Rossin for example. Hats off to whoever owns the one that was at Shifterbikes.

njs stamped if you pay enough for the tat, fyxo do you have anything in max lying around in your den that’s 60 st and 58/59 tt?

Same as this, but in Pearl White.


I hears Rossin was a bit of a shit xvnt and is well known only because of his persuit bikes and nice paint. Then again this is just coming from some random builder in Jpan who dun kno much…