Messanger Companies

i feel like im entering some kind of Nerd Vacuum


Stay away from Walters!!!
The amount of people asking me about companies lately … i just tell them to try Allied… Mainly just to piss Ra off… But seriously don’t call Toll… we have to many riders and that’s with people away … any more and ill have to start answering question via the internet at nights for drunk English punters…

I heard that!

What, on topic, McSigh…

lol at pissing Ra off…

I may or may not have asked him if zebras had stripes when they were born the other night…

Kings just hired heaps, Z is saturated, all is quite, more riders means cranky messengers :frowning:

Not sure what I said wrong. :?

Anyway, thanks for the advice.

Sorry spud…Ha.
So how did the blades look? people really seem to get offended by them…its great

On the note of cranky messAngers(pun?) i think Ronnie has gotten to nice… i would gladly welcome back the old Ron. some fire and brimstone before he hits the Twenty year mark would go down a treat. …

Stand next to him next time someone on a fixed gear bike and a messenger bag rides past… Maybe he found Jesus?

Don’t encourage them.

FiveOhDwarf is that you?

Rodger. :mrgreen:

Kings == Allied?

their artwork on their vans look the same.

sigh Pretty much.