messenger bag

okay, so i’m looking around on the interweb for a messenger bag and stumbled across timbuk2’s webshite and they look like they have some quality stuff - i like the idea how you can custom make a bag to what you want. r.e.load bags also look awesome too and bagaboo you can also do custom designs.
is there anywhere in brisbane that sells good messenger bags?
im sick of thrying to cart bulk stuff in my paddlepop bag haha. Im looking for something medium in size; around 18"W x 10"H x 20"D. Dont want to throw bulk $'s at shipping and not interested in paying over $250.
Anyone know what i should look at?

Try searching these forums for previous threads bro.

Defo search this section. This thread nearly comes up as often as ‘Hi, I’m new to fixedies - I saw this MASH DVD’

found old threads. thnx

Haha… was that thread for real?
I should get myself one of those glow-in-the-dark Gangsta Track bikes I reckon…

oh what, too good for the paddlepop bag?? i see how it is. jerk.

but srsly, go get yourself a crumpler from downtown if youre not looking to go anywhere. timbuk2 is lame just because you can only customize colors. i vote reload (didnt see that one coming) so you can be sweet like me and nate :smiley: besides, they just added a split strap as an option on all their bags!

<img src=>

= baller

If you get a reload make sure you fork out the extra $$ for the messenger strap. It’s a bit thin and uncomfortable when you have a heavy load otherwise :slight_smile:

Arrhh, isn’t that world champion stripe upside down?

In the tates a lot of kids are using the Chrome bags and in my area you see a lot of
Bailey Works which is what I have. They are made in New Hampshire and are a great product. I have this one size large. It’s been awesome to me so far. I am not a messenger but I use it for when I go grocery shopping, taking extra clothes to and from work, and carting all sorts of crap when I was in art classes.

no seajaye! I pride myself upon having a paddlepop bag that cost you less than $2, its just sometimes i can’t fit all my stuff in it. your the jerk who sent me a left handed brake

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flip that shit over and youve got a right handed brake! come onnnnn, hahah

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