MGG #15 . Macedon Mixer . Sunday 23 August, 9:30am, Apex Park, Sunbury.

We’re going to the top of Mnt Macedon, and down.

Real mix of surfaces. Should be good.






So you reckon not my rando bike then eh?

Would have been keen, I like the Macedon area. Then read the road bikes are not advisable thing.

I’ll post some recce pics tonight.

But yeah your on-one might be better. But your random would make it with care.

As above, I’ll put some pics up.

Come along I’ll point out the rough bits you might want to detour around. The main climb is sealed.

Where’s the .gpx file?

Cue sheets FTW.

canttelliftrolling.gpx ;p

on a more serious note: looks like incentive to finally build that clutch dangler crosscheck, i haz it

edit: beaten by WTP

I guess I’m out then.


well played ;p


Here are some pics from the recce ride

That first road/track, would that be the worst of the ride?

EDIT: As the rest looks very fun even on a road bike.

Heh, thought it looked familiar :

Image097 by Andrew Scott, on Flickr

I took the same photo on TWBD 4 back in 2009. Love that road!

Guys, it’s clearly NOT a road…