[MGG] Melbourne Gravel Grinders #3 - "Bump'n'Grind" 05/06/11

Update: Train and map info:
Train leaves Flinders St at 812am, arrives at 918am. This is your only option unless you drive out.

The route:

Melbourne Gravel Grinders #3 - Bump ‘n’ Grind - 5/6/11 930am, Hurstbridge by ah_blake, on Flickr

The Details

Date : Sunday 5th June
Rego opens : 9:30am
Start time : 10:00am
Start location : Hurstbridge train station
Finish location : Hurstbridge train station
Distance : ~80km
Map : tba

Course description

We’ll return to the Hurstbridge area for this ride but on the south side this time. Plenty of nice dirt roads, a moderate amount of hills and some awesome views. We’ll see Smith’s Gully, One Tree Hill, Sugarloaf Reservoir, Kangaroo Ground and a whole lot more.

Course recon and planning is still underway.

Check the blog for more details closer to the day :

Melbourne Gravel Grinders: #3 Bump’n’Grind - Sun 5th June

See ya there!

So I have all of May to build my cross bike eh?
This could well be it’s first run angry, thanks for the chance!

+1 on a May CX bike build, come on USA shipping, get me my parts! Any local wheelbuilders want to help me with a set of Hope/Mavic bits? :slight_smile: Seriously though, looking for a local wheelbuilder if anyone has a reco.

there’s this boutique wheelbuilder over near chapel st, does pretty nice work…

Big weekend - DDX prologue on the Friday night. Gravel Grinders on the Sunday.


DDCX, hell of the west, gravel Grinders.

sweet indeed

so much brutality.


Get excited.

i have indeed, bought some ‘new’ brakes to give me some clearance for 30-34mm nobbies.

Blogged! Gravel Grinder News: Melbourne Gravel Grinders: #3 Bump ‘n’ Grind

i spotted the following people (or semi-doppelgangers in there):

So Angry, Nikcee & I rolled out of Hurstbridge railway station this morning at 9am in search of new roads. The first one we found was steep, rocky, rutted, and about 5 minutes from the station. Nik monstered his way up the other side on his cross bike, however Angry and I had stopped at the bottom and our ~33mm slick tyres were having nothing to do with us restarting on the incline. We decided to leave this off the route.

That dealt with, we spent a few hours checking out new roads in alternating mist / rain / sunshine, finding some great sectors to link together. We also luckily had a missed connection with a chasing yappy dog, and discovered the wonders of the drink fridge at the Kangaroo Ground store:

The fridge of forgotten soft drinks


Nik making adjustments to route signage:

Melbourne Gravel Grinders #3 Recon Ride

I was not expecting to see this en route:


The store is warm, has a tap for bottle filling, and apart from soft drinks has a great array of food, including a legit as balls felafel bar.

Kangaroo Ground Store

Oh, and if you thought Angry was unstoppable when he was riding fixed brakeless offroad, or even braked SS…

Angry goes geared

Final ride notes: Wet or dry, you will be able to do this on fatter slick tyres, my 32mm ones were a-ok. A light CX tyre would be an improvement though.

Bikely route to be posted soon, cue sheet will be provided on the day, as per #2.

The best word to describe the ride will be “undulating”

95% sure I’ll be there. Intended to come out for the last edition but the bike wasnt ready.

Anyone catching the train?, i’m hopping on at West Richmond 8:16.

I’ll be on the train, getting on at Dennis, end carriage.

Train leaves Flinders St at 812am, arrives at 918am. This is your only option unless you drive out.

Oh, and here’s the map:

Any other map sites for this? Bikely seems to have the shits…

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Please try again later.

Ugh. Tell me about it. I’m trying to use bikely to write up the cue sheet and it’s been playing up for the last week or more. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

Try this :

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Disregard, problem solved

Will be on the train, getting on at West Richmond, 8:16am.