MGG Night Grinder. Sat 14th Dec 1a.m.

Melbourne Gravel Grinders: Night Grinder 2 is approaching!

It’s going to be sick.

My birthday ride

and its friday the 13th…

So… anyone else riding this single speed? how many hills am I looking at after bowden walk?


2341 Flinders st platform 1.

0049 Hurstbridge.

0100 depart.

We have coffee & snacks & etc.

going to rule.

charge your lights, have a nanna nap, see you there.

here be coffee:

Awesome times last night.

I was having a ball until a couple of mystery punctures cut my ride short.

Cheers to Pete for the patch and use of pump - I hope I didn’t hold you up too much.

And thanks to Blakey and Angry for organising/food/coffee/giving my bike and I a lift back down the hill.

No worries mate! Top ride eh!

Whether you held me up or not, I was always going to be slow. It just seems to be how I go. Had a blast though! Saw wombats, bid old strong man kangaroo, big old mottled fox, and how about that turtle eh? Didn’t expect that!

Thanks muchly to Angry and Blakey for the organisation. Sorry again for keeping you waiting a bit at the end there.

Yeah, choice ride, I just got up!

Big ups to Blakey and Angry, you guys a good eggs for putting this stuff on. Pop up cafe at the top was great.

That turtle was one of the highlights, we thought if it had been in the last 10kms we might not have believed it was real, especially if it started talking to us…