MICF recommendations

Every year I say I’ll go to stuff, and every year I fail to do so.
So I’m making an effort this year.

Post any recommendations on acts to go see, or that you just saw.

  • especially the new / unknown / non-famous acts.

The weekend I was in Melbourne last year I caught Sam Simmons. It was one of the strangest moments of my life.

I saw him earlier on in the day when I was on my way from the hostel to pick up some tickets, I complimented him on his moustache. He wasn’t really paying attention to me as he was window shopping at the time, when he turned around and saw mine he looked very surprised as he said “HOLY FUCK!”.

Anyway, tickets purchased. Fast forward to the night of the gig. WHOOSH

So I didn’t want to sit up the front as I am not big on being one of the people comedians pull up out of the crowd for their acts. So I found a nice dark corner and sat there. People started piling in, a big group needed a whole isle so the steward requested that I move up the front in an isle seat. Yup. I am starting to feel a little uneasy now. Fast forward to halfway through the show. WHOOSH

As part of the act Sam found himself walking down the isle when all of a sudden he sees me. He breaks character and stops the play - points to me and asks me if we had spoken earlier in the day. I nodded and he got me to stand up and face the crowd, everyone laughed and then I sat down while Sam called me a fucking creep. Fast forward to 3/4 through the show. WHOOSH

Sam needed someone from the crowd, people were putting their hands up - until he said “I know exactly who I want up here”, I got that sinking feeling in my stomach. Next thing I know I am up on stage and he is asking me to play fight him for some reason. He was really sweaty from being on stage for most of the night and was pretty damn hyper. I swang a few open palm slaps at his chest, then he tweaked. I will never forget the look in his eyes - he is fucking crazy. He started shouting “HIT ME! COME ON!!! HIT ME” Then he slapped me in the dick. The next thing I know I am down on the ground with him in a headlock and my legs wrapped around his torso - the mic was next to me and I said “I think I have him!” All of a sudden he manages to get up off the ground with my legs still wrapped around him - he is a very strong dude. I thought I was about to get in trouble here with some sort of suplex move. I have no idea how it ended - but I managed to get out of there with no injury what so ever.

Yeah anyway - thats my one and only experience with the comedy festival.

I’ll take this opportunity to spruik my mate’s show:

Apartmentocalypse! | Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

Definitely in the new/unkown/non-famous category. I make no guarantees as to the funny-ness of the show, but his one last year was pretty good.

edit: actual cool story, ezylee.

This thought horrifies me!

ezy & Sam Simmons are basically twins.

i’m heading down to micf again this year. seeing an insane amount of shows.
writing it up in a blog,
comedy slush

found my list:

Jack druce
Bart feebairn
Ronny chieng
Harley breen
Josh earl
David quirk
Fan fiction comedy
Tom ballard
Anne Edmonds
Skills in time
The shelf
This is Siberian husky
David o’doherty
Claire hooper
Adam rozenbachs
Michael workman
Tegan Higginbotham
Steele saunders
Steen raskopoulos
Nath valvo
I love green guide letters on the 6th
genevieve fricker
roz Hammond
karl chandler
the great debate
Laurence leung
The little dum dum club
Rob hunter
Tommy dassalo
Luke mcgregor
Frank Woodley & simon yates
Wil anderson
Michael hing
Paul mcdermott
Arj barker
Dave callan
Late night letters and numbers
Bo b franklin, Stephen curry and steven stagg
Doug Anthony all stars
Sam simmons
Josh thomas

Doug Anthony all stars going around again?
Richard does grown up ABC these days.

they’re launching the daas kapital dvd

I don’t know if he’s coming but Dylan Moran. Still the funniest hour of my life.

The 2013 micf Gala is airing tonight on Ten 8:30pm

Definitely check out nick cody.
Saw him last night and was the hardest I’ve laughed for a while

Going to see Steve Hughes on Sunday night after having missed him the last two years. Looking forward to it.

Ok, my last day down in Melbourne today, but the festival still has a week to run.
So here are my picks of people Ive seen that i think are worth seeing:

Nick Cody
David quirk
David O’Doherty
Michael workman
Adam Rozenbachs
Bart freebairn
Tegan Higginbotham
Jack Druce
Nath Valvo
Karl chandler
Lawrence Leung
Luke mcgregor
Wil Anderson
Michael hing
Dave callan
Sam Simmons

Live Podcast worth seeing:
The shelf
I love green guide letters
Little dumdum club

Sketch comedy/plays:
This is Siberian husky
Lessons with Luis

Collaborative panel shows:
Late show with rob hunter
Fan fiction comedy