Miche sprockets and carriers.

So with Miche track sprockets, you have the sprocket and the carrier. You screw the carrier on to the hub and to swap the sprocket, you undo the lock ring, and just slide the sprocket off?

How well do they hold up to skidding etc?


I am going to find out very soon.

I heard they are fine, the carrier and the sprocket are stainless steel so as long as the lockring is done up tight it should not really develop any play.

I’ve run one for a while, no problems. The only thing to be wary of is that the carrier + cog can be thinner than other cogs. This means that the lockring can be over-tightened onto the inner thread. Just make sure that there is no thread left poking out when you put the miche cog on and if there is chuck a spacer in to be safe.