Micro-tour 3

who’s in?
proposing wednesday evening - 25 August - at archive as next planning meeting.

my ideas are thus:
(Both involve a train to Nerang)

DAY 1: Nerang to Natural Bridge to Murwillimbah to uki to Kyogle to Cougal.
DAY 2: Cougal to Rathdowney to Boonah to Peaks Crossing to Ipswich

DAY 1: Nerang to Canungra to Boyland to Beaudesert to Mount Lindsay to Woodenbong to Cougal
DAY 2: Cougal to Rathdowney to Boonah to Peaks Crossing to Ipswich

idea 2 is a bit tougher, but involves almost totally NEW roads and MANY big climbs and descents.
Cougal has a guest house which i need to investigate which may make or break this tour

keen, will spend some time checking out maps between now n then

had been wondering about a route which entailed up n back down springbrook, tomewin, thru the Cain fields, half of buringbar n over to uki kyogle… sure to be epic

I like the way this is headed.

This week might be a bit of a train wreck for me but I’ll try make it down to archive.

what time suits for the wednesday catchup?

here’s to hoping i wont get another freak injury the week leading up. i’m looking good for wednesday after 5, small chance i’d have to stay back at uni though.

I’m good for a beer and chat at Archive Wednesday arvo. Anytime after 5:30pm is good.

Girls away, dan at archive, ill see you thursday about quarter to nine on my way to work again dan?

You’ll be lucky to see me before midday. I’ve got 8 months worth of staying up late, sleeping in late, watching crappy action movies, eating junk food, and drinking beer to fit into 6 days.

i’ll be there just after 5…
no biggie if peeps arrive later. i don’t mind drinking on my own.

sorry boys I’m out. I’ll be lucky if I’m out of the office by 2 tonight.

Look forward to an update, and more importantly beers, on Saturday.

let’s postpone meeting tonight until ryan can come.
i’m coming down with the flu anyway.

we’ll talk about it on saturday!
(i’ll try to message you all)


No problem with me, looks like I’m working late as well.


i can’t do Oct 1/2 or 8/9 but think i am relatively clear any other weekend.

ps been getting inspiration from reading prolly’s solo tour from portland to SF - pretty cool

anytime suits me

I’ve been thinking - there’s so many of these routes and hills around that I want to do that I thought the only way of getting through the list is to simply have a standing re-occuring do-hicky locked into my calendar… say on the 3rd weekend of each month, or every second month, or whatever.

bit on a conundrum. Something’s come up and I am 99% going to sydney on the weekend of the 24/25 September.
But then i have a massive weekend on the 8/9 with two big weddings in two days.
and that puts the weekend of 1/2 october in question cause i’ll have had no real riding.
just thinking we may have to put things back until October 15/16…
OR - this coming weekend, which doesn’t leave much prep.

just putting stuff down.

i could probably get out of work this weekend.

this weekend