Mid 60's Cinelli Pista Rejuvenation

Well after having the fright of my life this afternoon when I came home to see the Courier company had damaged the box but luckly not the frame ( thanks to VeloHub’s packing ) I now have my Cinelli pista project home with me in Sunny Rockhampton.

There is not much in the way of LBS that know what they are doing with older bike up here so the point of this thread is for me to ask questions the the FOA peeps when I come up against a hurdle.

Here is Tom’s story on the ride

First things first this is going to be a rejuvenation type project trying to keep it as original as possible…

The frame and it’s parts are not in the best condition and the first thing on the cards is to pull the whole thing down and give it a bit of a clean with dishwashing liquid. I’m going to give Oxalic Acid a go on the chrome parts and see how they come up and if need be use a rust converter to finish the job.

There are a couple of parts still to chase being a Head tube badge, 60’s Campy pista pedals.

It’s almost impossible to work out a build date due to Cinelli’s SN system but Judging from the Cinelli Register It may have been built in 1965.

It has not oil ports in the BB and the tanges on the inside of the forks have no holes but if anyone knows any more that can help with dating please chimp in… ( SirKev, Spirito )

Here are some shit pics taken today

Heading home from work soon to begin and will take more better pics.


i want to be able to vote on this for FBOTY 2012.

Powdercoat and risers for sure.

Seriously, should be a wicked project. I have no patience for period correct projects but enjoy watching other people do them! Good luck!

I love it but to be honest I think a repaint may be needed to ensure it lasts much longer in humid NQ,
The rust looks pretty bad but hard to tell how the inside of the tubes look.
Love to hear what others think.

It’s only original once. Preserve, protect, prevent further damage.

Tear down started as soon as I got home…

First off removing the fork I was happy to find inside the head tube was great with no signs of rust…

Secondly the seat tube is perfect with no signs of rust ( but a red back has taken up residence )

But problem number one my 15mm socket won’t fit in to the cranks to remove the Crank bolts???

Problem number two is there doesn’t seem to be all the bearing in the bottom headset race ?

How many should be there? The bearings only cover around 5/8 of the bottom race…

25 bearings top and bottom, 5/32" (not the usual 3/16")
NOS NIP Campagnolo Record Pista Track Headset Bearings | eBay

You don’t have to buy Campy bearings, any grade 25 bearings in this size will do. If your source for bearings doesn’t know what grade 25 means move on and find someone who deals in higher end stuff.

Re: crank bolt. Is the correct bolt size 15mm but you don’t have a socket with a thin enough wall to reach it or is it a larger than 15mm bolt (like some TA and Stronglight?

  1. Buy cheap socket/crank bolt tool, grind down outer edge. (Alt answer, are they 16mm Zeus bolts? If so, use the search function!: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t744/)
  2. Buy packet of 5/32" bearing, put in as many as you can fit, remove one. Done.

aids, try a 3/8 15mm socket instead of a 1/4 inch for the crank bolts.

Yeah its the Campy 15mm bolt… But all three of my 15mm sockets are to thick as mentioned… Might grind one down to fit…

Cheers for the advice this forum is the best…

Thanks for the link Spirito


Yeah grinding down tool harderned steel soounds fun. Much respect for the project too.
Looking foward to the end result and I’m with blakey. It’s only original once.

The same seller also has this. Overpriced for what it is but a very cool tool to have.
Campagnolo Peanut Butter Wrench 15mm for Axle and Crank Bolts Campagnolo Peanut Butter Wrench 15mm for Axle and Crank Bolts [] - $33.00 : Velo Mine, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

Wonder what the difference was between Record and Super Record Headset bearings… they are the same size…

Record Vs. Super has more to do with Steel Vs Alu cups with steel race inserts. Both had track and road headset versions.
Road for that era uses 3/16" bearings, track uses 5/32" as it has a smaller radius cups (smaller bearings = lower stack height).

howd you go with the cranks aides? i hope you tried the 3/8 socket before you start grining away at things!

do you mean 5/8"? 3/8" sounds too small for 15mm

i meant the socket wrench itself. I had the same issue with a set of sugino cranks. 1/4 inch 15mm socket wouldnt fit, but the 3/8 inch did.

Im assuming aides means the socket dosnt fit into the ‘hole’ rather then not fitting over the 15mm bolt.

I see.

There should be plenty of thin wall sockets in most drive sizes.

Just picked one up from the tool store at work… Should be sorted tonite

Thanks guys

So the socket worked and i have got most of the bottom bracket out except the drive side cup… I have try Gypsy’s sudjestion and clamped the bb tool to the cup with wood chock on each side and gave it some persuasion with the rubber mallet but still won’t budge… Any ideas…

Also happy to find no rust at all in the BB shell and adjacent tubes…

Am starting on the component clean tonite Oxilic acid for the chrome parts and metho and rag for the alloy…