Mid-week road riding Brunswick area


I’m contemplating a move to Brunswick. I’m used to mid-week bayside rides (NRR etc), Tour de Burbs etc

Any mid-week rides, training loops departing around Brunswick. Or ideas?



There’s the Sydney Rd/Royal Pde/William St time trial. Leaves my house every morning at about 8:20am, then I have a rest at Southbank for eight hours and do the return leg at about 5:30pm.

race hawthorn crits.

commuter cycles have a monday morning ride i believe.

they do. 5:45am at prentice/victoria (6am at victoria/darebin, n/cote) out to just before eltham. return via burgundy st. back in brunswick by 7:30.

loop is ~40km, pace is friendly, but sometimes firm and its definitely a no drop ride. good peoples on the ride too.

since you are used to bayside rides im obliged to point out that this ride contains actual hills. :wink:

Ha - you obviously missed my refernce to the Burbs loop. Weekend riding is dandys/mt pleasant rd etc.

Commuter Mondays and HCC are good options - thanks.

I think Coburg does a weeknight hitout at National Blvd, but maybe only during winter.

Yeah, this. I’ll be racing D grade today which means if you come down you’ll be guaranteed not to finish last.

yeah, a bunch of them roll around there on thursday nights. pretty casual-like, but they’re a good crew.


i did see it, but i never miss a chance to tease people who ride beach road (regularly) about having an aversion to hills :wink:

if you come out to the commuter ride, i’ll be the guy on the pink/black basso - usually making bad jokes at the back.

Cool - Nikcee, not in the area yet, but if I get over there, will let you know.