Mid Week Tour

Hey I got Mon, Tues, Wed off work next week and gonna go on a 1 night tour somewhere close…

Maybe out to Yarra Reservoir and back to Lilydale via Marysville? 70-90kms a day nothing to epic.

Just putting it out there if anyone wants to come along…


I have Wednesday off… what kinda bike are you planning on riding?

CX with panniers.

Thinking Liliydale-Warby Rail trail plus as much of the O’shannesy Aqueduct trail as possible to get out to the Yarra Reservoir Camp Ground (only $6 + free showers!) with lunch in Warburton.

Then over to Marysville for lunch 2nd day then back along paved roads to Lilydale.

Let me know how you get on from the aquaduct trail to marysville… Keen to do a similar trip later next year.

Will do.

Gonna go Tues/Wed.

It was a good ride - flaked out of going over Marysville due to the weather forecast and laziness.

Shakes, the Aqueduct trail is sweet from Don road though there are steps you gotta hauls you bike up. I started the Aqueduct trail form the Healesville-Koo Wee Rp road entrance but there are sections that I found unrideably steep and loose. From Warburton its great and you can continue along it passed the ‘official’ end at Concrete Creek road to a logging road that take you down to the Warburton/Woods point road, don’t try Road ‘13’ or ‘1’ - see the pics below.

Upper Yarra Reservoir Camp is even better than I remember - $6.40 a night. Hot showers - fire pits - microwave - boiling water - fridges and $3 ice!

Gates aren’t designed for panniers:

Cooling my heels:

‘Road’ ‘13’

It was unlucky (no damage done)

Unexpected creek crossing: