Midnight Century

Who was the second person to ride a fixed wheel on the Midnight Century (first was a few years ago)? :? Hint: the Midnight Century is a 100 mile ride starting at midnight, going over the Grandchester Range and finishing at breakfast in Ipswich Queensland. There was a fair amount of rain for the first time in over a decade.
Somebody else finished on a singlespeed with sneakers. Sorry, playing with forum features :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope InthePink is feeling a little better after his bingle and subsequent ambulance ride on Saturday morning.

lemmeee guess …? ?lemmeee guess …? ?was it … ??? …? was it ???

Well I can discount me, Rogaine, Fryshaun, Rhino, InthePink, Blakey, Assault and Crashdummy I think.

Also can discount LWaB, stuck behind a steering wheel and tables full of food instead of riding a bike (part of the support crew). :roll:

Well, it is on again this year. First weekend in December, starts in Ipswich midnight Saturday, two rest stops with decent coffee and food, showers at the finish Sunday morning and breakfast. Anybody interested?

Well … I’m a definite maybe … haven’t been riding much lately and not even been on a bike for 3 weeks so will have to see how I taper up over the month.

Check back in a couple of weeks time!

Well, I have not seen anyone for almsot 6 months, so I quess I will be there.

I’m a posibility, doing Rainbow ride this weekend (Byron to Currumbin, a hilly 120K, not fixed) so it would be a good one to keep me going.

Can anyone refresh me on the night riding gear required? I seem to remember flouro vests and multiple lights were required.

Need two headlights, two tail-lights, reflective vest or similar.

$35 gets you 2 rest stops with real coffee and plenty of food, showers at the finish, breakfast and a ride you won’t get anywhere else. Starts 23:59 Saturday 1st December, finishes Sunday morning, both in Ipswich.

Edit [snowflake]: Flyer and Entry Form attached below.

Sounds like fun! Do you need actual headlights, like a big halogen or HID (or big LED’s these days) or just a flasher?

As long as the light is street-legal, you can run whatever you want. You only need one front and one rear running at any time. Redundancy is for those electronic/battery problems.

It is considered impolite to use flashing lights in a bunch though (not good for epileptics, annoys plenty of others). Just run steady lights when riding in a group.

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I was in…for a long time…but am now out.
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My name is Nick, I am not an historical revisionist.

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Well that’s fucking obvious, you mean Switzerland you retard :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


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Nice one GarthMc.

Don’t make me create my own little flame war in this thread (it’s obviously doomed!)

I’m not an historian either, but having said that, I am not a ‘retard’…

“Swedish neutrality refers to Sweden’s policy of neutrality in armed conflicts, which has been in effect since the early 19th century… Since the time of the Napoleonic Wars, Sweden has not been involved in any armed conflicts. Sweden’s military is however involved in major peacekeeping actions around the world.”

For your reference (but please don’t bring up the topic of Wikipedia neutrality): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_neutrality

I’m not an expert, but I actually think that while Switzerland is the ‘obvious neutral nation’, Sweden may in fact have been neutral beforehand. As with all claims of neutrality though, if I remember correctly from my travels in Norway and Sweden, there is a mountain pass called ‘Blood Road’ which supposedly created trade between Norwegians and Swedes, even though Sweden apparently was not part of the war for reasons mentioned above. But anyway, I appreciate your concern in my geographic and political knowledge.

So anyway, the Midnight Century.

I need to confess to doing FA over the last couple of weeks and will not be up for this … but next year, well!

Sounds like some of you think this is a long ride…

Well that killed the thread stone dead :roll:

i’m with you. I barely get warmed up by the time i finish a 160km