Mini Evo group buy round 2.....

OK so Liam has done me a banner and Nick has sent the invoice.
Mini Evo round 2 now commence.
-This is only open to members with 5 posts or more.
-$74.00 each
-Limit 2 per person.
-PM you contact to me.
-Cut off date is Friday the 19th 'O March.

I am thinking next one should be rollers.


What have you got planned for postage & Are you going to individually send them out? If so chuck up a price.

?? ^ More Details ^ ?? Keen as fuck

bought my 2 just last week :x
oh well, was a nice b’day present i guess ^^

keen. will post to Bris??

yeah can u post to sydney/?

Post to wherever in a padded bag of post bag is $9.60
PM you name and details.

CLOSD all this order gone.

Ok unfair closed early. I really want one. so im in melbs and anyone has bought two, or you can still order another i want one please. im poor cant afford 110 for lbs.


moneys? pay you when we pick up?

Get your dates sorted dude. You said friday and the 19th…doesnt exist!
i should have pm’d you earlier, but still…

If the order filled on monday it would have closed on monday. It filled on thursday so I closed it so not to oversubscribe and have peole order one and not get it.
So I got I got a date wrong, sorry for not spotting it.
I have all the names and those that need posting will be contacted today or tomrrow.
Thanks E

sorry i missed you today - wound up working. will swing by tomorrow.

got mine today! fanks alot!

got mine today… cheers mate