Mini pumps

Just wondering what pump you carry (if you do have one :evil:) and where it hides on the bike/bag/you.

Looking for something small, but reasonably effective, but I’d prefer to not have to take if off the bike every time I locked it up. Lezyne pressure drive is looking the dogs doodahs at the moment

I have a lezyne (forget which model) and love it.

  • The short length of hose as it lets you hold the pump at a more natural angle as well as putting less stress on the valve stem as you crank away on it.

  • Being able to do Presta and schrader valves

  • Can pretty easily and quickly get to 90ish PSI (23c), you can go much further but I usually can’t be bothered if I just fixed a flat and am en-route to a track pump.

+1 from me

based purely on its looks i really like the PDW poco. and the magic flute allows the use of a cartridge as well.

thought about CO2?. very small and easy,
i’ve never had a problem with them

I have the frame fit Zefal HPX Classic, goes to 160 psi and does it fast.

It’s a real pump, mini pumps gave me the shits (too slow, hard to get past 90psi quickly, like when you get a flat on the way to work), this is the shit 110psi easy and quick.
Has a switch to flip for High pressure.
Fits in frame, no clips. Come in different sizes to fit different size frames. No need to carry it in pocket or bag, lasts forever.

Made from aluminum too, stealth weapon if dudes try to ambush you in Northcote. :x

You can get them cheap too, seems they are too bulky for many crew.
Got mine from T7 for under $20 when they were clearing them out.
I go for practicality over looks and a pump that well, pumps.


topeak road morph.
can easily pump to 120psi.

highly recommend!

Valo - do you chuck the Lezyne in your pocket?

LAM - those PDW pumps are sexy (but exxy) . Will have to check out CBD to see if they have one in there.

Yes - but I don’t like having cannisters to throw away, or the fact that you have a finite supply dependent on how many cannisters you carry

I’ve got a Zerfal HPX that happily sits on my road bike, but that bike doesn’t get let out of my sight. There’s no way I’d leave a frame fit pump on the bike for any length of time in the city … thus the question for something a little smaller. I’m usually not in that much of a hurry and am happy to get home to get the tyre up to proper pressure

Again with the road morph - it’s a little bulky and I assume in a bag … do you ride without the bag?

Mate I carry a CO2 pump (like the type in adk’s reply) and its great… nothings quicker or smaller.

I get cartridges from a mate at a bike shop for $1 a pop but otherwise would recommend buying in bulk online e.g.

Just make sure you get the correct cartridge for your pump i.e. threaded or unthreaded

road morph fits in my bag.

there’s also a mini road morph option.

There’s a reason why its so popular, and that’s cus it works.
A mini pump can look good, but whether or not it can pump up a tyre effectively is a whole new story. You never have to worry about snapping valves off, or pumping until your arms are dead… only to reach 40psi.

If you’re doing it on the cheap I recommend a Specialized mini-pump, only cast me 30 clams and lasted me about 5 years…but it died recently. Not super high pressure but plenty for getting back on the road after a puncture. Both valves, even managed to pump up a footy!

Crank Bros pump, silver witha red knob down the bottom.

Best pump I have ever used. Easily gets a 23C tyre up to 100+ psi. Does both car valve and presta, easy locking mechanism.

Better yet. i got it half price. its about 18cm long.

I guess the rest of the bagless hipsters ride without a pump (lest they ruin the clean lines of the bike) … is that why there’s so many NJS walkers? Have they all punctured?

So far I’ve got a few to choose from if it comes to chucking it in my pocket - Lezyne, Crank Bros, Specialized and the PDW. Thanks all

Carts are good and small… $2.50 each is sweet I just brought a pair of 10 packs.

If you wana pump and carry a bag the road morph is the pump to own… They rule!

I carry the lezyne HP micro floor pump. It comes with a gauge and is a really nice looking piece of gear.

Reason I started going with Lezyne was after snapping a valve off with a non hose pump. The Lezyne is definitely worth the money IMO, no need to try anything different.

topeak mini morph

This is the tool that i picked up for doing flats, it comes with some other handy tools which is good and fairly cheap

+1 for the topeak road morph. Served me well for a few years now.

mine’s just bought from big-W . 10 bucks :smiley:

Wow just looking at that thing makes me wanna buy one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a toppeak pocket rocket, if you’ll pardon the expression. It blows