Mini U locks

What’s the hot poo?

Im looking for the best combination of light weight yet tough as a really tough thing (I’m crap at similes)
I figure a mini U is the best bet but the few bike shops I’ve had a gosse’e in don’t have them.
I hate carrying my massive U lock around but I keep finding myself in situations where I wish I had it. Spur of the moment after work beers where the choices are, leave it at work, skip the drinks, leave it unlocked out side the pub and hope that the better nature of man kind will find it safely where I left it when its time to head home, That sort of thing.


Anyone know who stocks them. Or other mini U’s?
The ‘where to buy’ link on the website yields no results. But I’ve seen heaps of kryptonite gear for sale hear so they must have a distributer.

Jeeesuz! Just found them on the Cecil Walker site for $119 beans. Thats some serious money for a bike lock.

EDIT: $95 on Dean woods. Still pretty steep

armored cable lock.
wear it round your waist.
mini u locks are not that great as you can usually only lock the frame.

these are the ones i use for work.
i’ve also got a cheap OnGuard lock i got for about $40 that does the same thing but weighs half as much.

and you get what you pay for.

They seem like they would be way more hassle to carry round then a mini U. Or even a regular U.

I’m told if you lock your rim only with the mini U (between the seat and chain stay) then the frame is essentially locked as well. The mini U, being also locked round a pole of some description, can not be maneuvered in such a way that the frame can be slipped past it if the wheel is removed (or tried to be removed as it can’t be removed due to the reason above)
And because a rim is under tension it is as difficult and time consuming to cut through as the mini U would be. So with a mini U you can lock the frame and the rear wheel. Which is all I’m doing now anyway.

Lupine is just a ‘fashion courier’, don’t worry about him. And i’d lock the frame every time, surely an alloy deep v isn’t that hard to cut, and they can always get new wheels for their stolen bike.

And i think Shifterbikes has them, but similar prices. I guess its worth it though… beats having to catch the train home.

Well I’ve never tried to cut a Deep V but apparently the fact that they are under tension means the rims will clamp down on the blade and it’ll get stuck. You would need to cut every single spoke, then the rim, then the tire.
I don’t remember where I read it but it sounds plausible. Maybe some bike thief posted it to lull everyone into a false sense of security.

EDIT: Found it. And it comes from the wise old Sheldon Brown. So you can’t argue.

i have a mini kryptonite. does the job, you can slide it in your back pocket for scenepoints, too. i also one of those fuck-off-heavy kryptonite chains that i rarely use it due to it’s weight.

Get on of these. They work a treat iv heard

I got one a while back and they rock!! Nice and lightweight easy to carry etc…


$89, not bad value compared to and cecil!!

Now thats getting more into the region of sane pricing. Cheers plugger.

those Abus Bordos are pretty good. I understand that you need an angle grinder to get through them. The joints are designed to crumple so that there’s no purchase if someone tries to jack it open. They’re pretty heavy and not cheap. If it stops your bike from getting pinched I figure it’s worth the money.

I don’t bother locking my back wheel as it requires a 15mm spanner. Is this foolish? I figure that anyone who came prepared with a spanner isn’t a casual thief.
My front wheel has a QR skewer which one of these days I plan on replacing with an allen key skewer, the problem is it’s hard to justify the $30 when all I need is the front one. So I just use an Abus D-Lock to get the front wheel, the frame and something solid bolted to the pavement. Is this adequate?

I guess at the end of the day I rarely have a need to lock my bike as it’s usually at home or in my bike locker at work.

One of my old housemates had a friend who’d leave his brakeless fixie unlocked out the front of the pub. He’d inevitably leave the pub to find the bike gone, only to see it 20metres down the road with a trail of blood leading off from it. I suppose it’s instant Karma.

I can’t remember which Uni they’re getting stolen from (Melb or RMIT) but the bike cops claim that these bikes aren’t reappearing on the market which makes them think it’s another one of those fetishists like that guy in Gelong who died and they found several thousand bikes at his house. Apparently he used to catch the train up to Melbourne fairly regularly and ride home with somebody else’s bike…

Well at both of my works I can take my bike inside so there is no need for a lock. Its all the unplanned after work activities (shopping/pub/dinner) that require a lock. I figure a mini U is half the weight of a regular U which means I might be more likely to carry it around.
I’ve got an Abus U lock at the mo’ and it works a treat except for the size/weight issue.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. It was more a general recommendation to the board, rather than offering it as a solution for you.

I reckon those mini U locks are a good idea.

I use a Kryptonite mini for work, I like it. I’m looking for a big chain for my waist so I’ve got more locking options coz I’m starting to get paranoid about free locking. While I was looking for one I stumbled across a good deal on a mini.


brilliant. i think i’ll buy one tomorrow. unless i change my mind… it’s about $Aus 53 shipped

i rode to the beach today to go swimming, brought my big d lock, but forgot my keys.

that’s pretty fuckn cheap! they have the forgetaboutit mini lock, too!

Snap. Just committed to buy.

i bought one, i wonder how long it will take to get here.