Missed Connections

Hey its Ev, from Syd, in Melbourne. Looking out my girlfriends window this morning and saw a green fixed ride with yellow deep V’s hauling down Mooreland St, Footscray!!!

Ah, there’s heaps more fixed riders in Melbourne than I ever see in Sydney :slight_smile:

Hi to the fixed crew, saw y’all passing yesterday and waved, but only Cress and Des (I think) saw me. :slight_smile:

Yup, saw you but only at the last moment. Sorry, didn’t realise what that shouting was all about at first.


LARGE Red Fixie (no decals). ProMax hubs. Brooks Saddle. Toe Clips but no straps. Nitto stem raised as high as the saddle. Drop bars. One brake. Spoke card that’s probably a table number taken from a cafe. Parked outside Bio21 for the last 2 days.