MISSION bicycles

This setup in San Francisco has some sweet creations.
Fully set-up for US$850.


whatya reckon?

bloody good idea

$850 is like $1400Aus…

not so good.

mine ended up at around 1150us shipped with mostly basic shit as well, 1600 bucs, could get one here for that surely.

goddamn aussie dollar!

That site would rock even more if it showed you a preview pic of what your set-up would look like as you added parts to it.

I remember reading somewhere a little while ago that Mission bikes where really shit to deal with. Late with deliveries, bad communication, long waits for bikes etc. Also I’m pretty sure they’re just IRO frames powdercoated and built up by Misson.
I reckon you would be much better off taking the time and building up your own whip, but if you’re really set on buying pre-built from the states you would be better off ordering straight from IRO (http://www.irocycle.com).

they admitted as much when pressed. they just offer ‘more customisation’ than IRO does. :roll:

if you have the time to wait for it to be shipped from the Us, then you can probably wait for it to powdercoated locally and source your parts the same way.