Anyone heard anything about these guys; www.missionbicycle.com

they’re just painted bikes. IRO’s or something.
you get to choose your chain color Yay

i had a look at their website and went through what is required to actually order one. in the part where you choose your parts and colours. there isnt anywhere to choose the size of your frame, or the length of your stem. bikes arent ‘one size fits all’

maybe you choose the sizings later, but i think its a little more important to get a bike that fits than the right colour. should be the first choice you make before making it all pretty.

The options don’t get any better the further into it you get. No frame size, stem length, bar width, cog/ring size… Not to sure???

I am on the other hand going to ask what might seem like a perfectly obvious question to some people…

they’re just painted bikes. IRO’s or something

What’s an IRO??


Gotchya, thanks :slight_smile: