Mixed Bag Bundy Track

Hey this is my Bundy. I’ve been rolling on it for about 6 months, but only just “finished” the build. Slowly gathered better parts to get it up to my own standard.

Plan on getting some narrower bars ~38cm, DA headset and Kashimax Aero sometime in the future. Not too fussed at the moment as I’m just enjoying riding it too much!

Frame: Peter Bundy track ST 52cm TT 53.5cm
Fork: Ritchey Track (?)
Headset: Tange Levin
Stem / Bars: Nitto Jaguar 90mm / Nitto B123 Cromo 42cm
Seatpost: Nitto Jaguar 27.0mm
Seat: San Marco Concor
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro 32H to Dura Ace 7600
BB / Cranks / Ring: Hatta r9400 / Dura Ace 7600 / Fyxo 47T
Sprocket: Dura Ace 16T
Chain: HKK Silver
Pedals: MKS GR-9 / MKS Clips / Toshi singles


That colour is awesome. Nice build. If its a street bike, don’t go 38cm bars.

Wow, I really like this. Classic and clean!

Thanks! Fair enough, I do need a smaller size though as I am quite slender/small frame but maybe not as narrow as 38cm.

This is awesome! Colour is sweet, parts are sweet!

I run 38cm bars on my sw8 fixxy (B125’s) and on my roadie and they are fine for street use. No problems at all! Feelsgoodman.jpg ride what’s comfy!

Great build. I think I may even run 36cm bars without any less or more comfort than 40cm bars I’ve tried, no problems!

love it, looks ace… that stem is a back breaker :cool:

P!N20 likes this. Only slightly disappointed that there are no gumwalls, gumwall.


Actually, I was planning on Paselas but can’t fault the gators for durability, maybe later.

I don’t rate pasela’s. They look sexy (which is why they are on my bike) but yeah don’t have the longevity of a gator (which I hate too - but thems the breaks).

This looks sweet! Nice job man.

And as for Paselas, they look super nice and ride really well but obviously they make pretty average tyres if you’re running brakeless mainly because they just wear so quickly when being skidded on. But it’s to be expected. I love them on bikes with brakes.


Nice to see some love for the concor too

Very awesome