Mixte fatbike - On One Fatty

On-One Fatty

Good price me thinks $1356.50 US ex postage

Whole lot of bike, whole lot of traction, whole lot of cush.

And think of the framebag you could fit inside those twin laterals.

I want one but can’t see any reasonable application for it (for me) at the moment. Maybe if I move to Jindabyne and it snows a tonne…

hoo hoo ha ha, fatbikes, what are they good for, absolutely something

Yeah I have talked about this with a mate a bit, and we decided Melb needs a Bike library, try out all the those bikes you don’t really wanna invest in without some time with- 36ers, fat bikes, cargo bikes, mini velo etc

Have ridden Moonlander and it is the awesome.
4.7" at 10psi feels like a normal bike with slower steering.
6-7psi & it floats across creek bed like a gravel road.

Available Early December

I know what I want for Christmas

Best pop down to the local shopping centre and ask santa nicely then!

Such a good idea, especially for those people that just want to go on a one-off kind of ride that needs a specific bike.

Im so Fatbike curious. Could never justify owning one unless i lived in Alaska or Canada or something.

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This is Troy from Brisbane. A bit of a fat bike tourer.

15kg’s geeze its a heffer. Would love to try one for laughs

I have a mate up in QLD who pretty much said I had no excuse to not buy a fatbike.

Apparently they are versatile and fun