MKE Bruiser (Green Screamer) PICS!!


So stoked to finally have this.

Going to be built up sometime this week.

Parts list to follow.

go johnson, looking forward to the updates… you again riding yet?

played some polo yesterday :wink:

its post your ride, not post your frame and fork :roll:

build it tonite faggot, minus the brake :wink:

Needs a bottle opener brazed on above that beer. Green and white is an awesome combo.



haha awesome, the jug is awesome. nice frame

too bad your slack and bailed out on building it tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Sif not build it tonight mayne.

  1. never intended on building it last night

  2. when you did suggest do build it, you said it’ll be too late.

why don’t you paint the fork in green too?

Because he wanted it white ya dick :evil:


basically. i like different colour fork and frame.

almost finished putting it together. should be sweet for a ride thursday night.

saw it today at GEAR…it IS the Shiznick!!!

Geo is legit. Looks like a monster BMX but handles real nice :slight_smile:
Love the toe clearance up the front end, will bar spin for dayz!


Parts List

MKE Bruiser Medium Frame and Fork
Machined Velocity Deep V Front rim and hub with alternating spokes and 700x28 Fyxation tyre
Velocity B43 rim and hub with alternating spokes and 700x28 Fyxation tyre
165mm Roselli 144BCD w/ ISIS bottom bracket and 47T chainring
Odyssey Twisted Glow in the Dark Green pedals
BO Gear Strap Ons
17T Roselli cog
Crank Brothers Cobalt C Headset
Selle Italia Turbo Saddle
Thomson Elite 33cm 27.2 Seatpost
Thomson Elite 90mm 5 degree Stem
Atomlab 2" Pimp Risers
Odyssey Aaron Ross Keyboard Grips

It really does look like a monster BMX from the front. The bike looks really nice built up, but you should get some pictures of it at night so we can see the pedals glow :smiley:

those wheels look sick. goes really well!

I agree the spokes look great!