Mo-vember 2010

I just signed up.

If anyone here hasnt heard of Mo-vember before, here is a run down.

if you feel like helping out, here is the link to my donations page.

ps. bex is going to hate me for an entire month haha.

I’m thinking of giving it a go as well. Can someone think of a witty team name for us? Will be great to go to Melbourne at the end of the month for polo with all of us sporting disgusting hipsterstache!



You guys can shove your prostates up your arse.

does that image direct link to your online dating site brad?

When will someone start chopsember?

Get it right:

Chop-tober, Mo-vember, Beard-cember.

i’m signed up already with the guys from work…

I just donated 5 bones :smiley: Post weekly photos plox!

I’m in!

last year I tried and failed… I even won ‘lamest Mo’ for the work team.

I think I’ll just donate to someone who can actually grow facial hair this year…

Tip for anyone struggling… cheat with a fake mo or your GF’s mascara.

I will donate $20 to the best mo on this forum!

thanks for the donation kim.

haha that $20 is not going to be in my donations haha. im pathetic.

after a very successful choptober, movember is on like donkey kong. Hillbilly will grow a firey, awesome mo! :mrgreen: