Modern Chorus, Record etc

I’ve tried the search function for info here about this but can’t find any.
I’m developing an obsession with putting a modern groupset on my 86 Cinelli Supercorsa.
This is just a pipedream at the moment but given the dollar is so strong, a new chorus groupset looks almost do-able if I were to sell a bike, surfboards, anything else that isn’t nailed down.
I’ve run Chorus ten speed for a while and like it. Never used modern Record or SR.
My question is: Is it worth perhaps looking at record or even SR, or sticking with Chorus?

I have '04 10sp Chorus and '07 Record on my training and race bikes respectively, I will be stuck in 10spd world for a while. Never have got completely used to the lighter throw with the QS Record, still kind of prefer the more positive thunk of the older Chorus to the click of the Record.

I’ve tried new 11sp Record and Chorus on a coupla mates’ bikes and I reckon they feel pretty much the same to me, IMO there’s not much in it. Chorus is super nice, so is Record. Can’t speak from first-hand knowledge about SR. If I were building my next roadie I’d reckon I’d probably choose Chorus and put the saved $ into wheels or dangerous, narcotic diet pills.

I have done lots of work on both and chorus is what I would run on my own bike. It is so much cheaper for a tiny weight penalty and all the consumable’s cass etc are heaps cheaper.

^This. I’ve got Record 10 on my roadie and love it but the price of the conumables is out of this world compared with the lower end stuff.

On a steel bike I’d go Chorus, noticeably better than the groupsets below, and above is really only about weight (and its a minimal weight difference anyway) and like CC says that extra money is better invested in some lighter and better performing wheels…

I have chorus 11 on my serotta and ran the same group on my 95 coppi for a while before switching back to 95 chorus
The 11 speed totally transformed the coppi.
I have a mate with SR 11 and have ridden his bike, the SR is a little lighter and the shifters have a more mechanical click other wise mine shifts better cause I have mine dialed in better
Mechanically there is no difference in the functionality just lighter parts and lots of Ti

I say go for it a few people say that it’s tricky to keep dialed in and not as reliable as Shimano or SRAM but most of these people are full of shit and have never worked on the 11 speed setups
I’ve got 4000kms on mine and its been totally perfect
All the top line group sets are pretty fucking amazing
What every you choose it’ll make your old steel frame feel a million dollars

Go for chorus. The price of record and super record is just fucking theft. As far as eleven speed goes, it’s great, but if you are on any kind of budget, avoid. It’s more expensive first off, replacement stuff is more expensive, which you will need more often, because it wears out quicker.
My thoughts.

There is much wisdom in everything here. I’ve gotta think about the cost of build new wheels too so chorus it shall be. CC is right quality, dangerous diet pills aren’t cheap either.
I had been told 11 speed could be finicky, as for the weight issue, it’s not as though I’m gonna be racing so a few hundred grams ain’t going to worry me
The other query, if I may be so bold, is to ask whether it is vandalism to do this to a restored supercorsa with gleaming 7 speed chorus?

i just put 06ish carbon chorus on my Tommasini frame and love it.

It may be difficult to get 11 speed dialled in perfectly because I’m assuming the frame has a 126ish mm rear if it’s currently running 7 speed? Can probably be done but might cause some headache.

Thanks for reminding me about that not so minor detail Ben. I just panicked and went and measured the spacing. It’s 130. I think the frame might be late 80s perhaps even early 90s. The guy I bought it off said it was about 1986. Ironically he sold it to restore and guild up a Merckx with a more modern gruppo. It still has external cabling on the tt not sure when cinelli routed the tubing internally.

I have a Merckx corsa extra with chorus 11s, can’t fault it

The spacing could have been changed at some stage along the way. It’s 2mm either side in anycase.

I’ve gone from 9 to 7 speed if that helps your decision.

see you around the traps.

Do you mind if I ask how much the groupset cost you? I’m looking for a groupset at the moment, don’t have a lot to spend but want something reasonably modern (brifters). I’m thinking 9 or 10 speed chorus may fit the bill. Or something similar from shimano? I did just buy a wheelset with campy compatible hub though, so campy would be easier.

(sorry for taking your thread slightly off topic hamishf)

FWIW, I went from 7 spd Suntour to 10 spd modern Campag on a late 80’s/early 90’s steel frame, courtesy of a sweet build from Shifter.

My group was near new $200 gumtree I built that whole bike for about $1600 just waiting for bargains.

hey, it’s already got new paint on it, may as well put a new group on it too…
new groups on old frames 4 lyf!

Cinelli and campy are timeless you can do no wrong.
Now let’s see it

or you could go ironic and put SRAM red on it

It might be light, but geeze it’s ugly