Modern Chorus, Record etc

As if! It looks shit hot!

+1, sram is the sex.

From an aesthetic point of view I disagree. Dura Ace or Record has a classic quality about it, while I fear we’ll look back at Red in ten years and think how plasticy and garish it was. The Yellow Tour de France edition last year was awful.

My opinion! :smiley:

(Functionally it’s a great groupset)

oh horatio, you are crazy in the coconut.

But that’ll be what makes it SUPER AWESOME AND TOTES COLLECTABLE in 20 years, right?



sram shifters look toyish and the ergonomics could do with a bit of development…
my least favorite thing is the rubber hoods… they are to hard and demolish gloves at the base of the thumbs

ohh, also it’s fucken loud and you can’t trim your front mech…

your not after a WW build and you already like campag so ‘run that shit’

we’ll have a chat about that in 20 years then

Don’t be ironic, be iconic. Go the Campag. You know it makes sense.

Well that’s all to the good. But!

  1. You can trim Sram on the front, it just has less of it, which actually works better i think.

  2. I can’t say anything about aesthetics, but i do think it will be interesting how we see Sram in ten years. My guess is that the last round of Dura Ace will be seen as the last ‘classic’ groupo with the all silver look. After that Shimano copied Sram’s hod design, to an extent, and Campag overhauled their hood design too (though it looks nothing like Sram). Neither have the silver alloy look anymore, so it might just be that Sram could be seed as a style innovator.

But who knows.

wait a second, didn’t mavic release a groupset and cranks and shit back in the late 80’s or early 90’s,and when you look at them now, they look strangely modern?

Maybe I’m thinking of someything else. But if I’m thinking of what I’m thinking of then it’s probably food for thought.

there are so many examples to back this up… IMO the current DA looks futuristic not classic.

+1 ironic SRAM red

The last classic group was DA 7700. I’d personally never go newer on a steel frame. All the carbon and big alloy cranks like 7800 are just to visually heavy for my tastes. Record groups of the same era are nice too but I’m more of the shimano camp.

I think DA looks horrid. The Di2 looks pretty nice but the 78 and 79 series stuff, its not for me…


Mavic Zap 8000

This NOS/NIB groupset went for $895 not so long ago.

Mavic ZAP MAVIC System 8000 group NIB/NOS very rare | eBay

Mektronic groupsets come and go very cheaply. Ask Erle!

i fucking dig it! how did it ride any body know?

Aaaaah mektronic. A brilliant idea, way ahead of its time and spectacularly limited by the technology of the day.

Geez a man gets locked up in Canberra for an afternoon and this thread goes off! I’m pretty sold on the chorus idea. DA as Nikcee says is far too space age looking. Mind you, I now could start looking for a mektronic group set. The name alone rules.