Moding bags

Has anyone had any luck moding chrome bags (or any bags that use truck tarp)?

I want to add a pocket to the inside of the truck tarp but I don’t think a conventional sewing machine will be strong enough. Does anyone have an industrial sewing machine or know anywhere that does little jobs like this?

check ebay for a sewing machine. I saw one a few months back for maybe $50?

Hey bloke,

I play with mine all the time, I switched the crumpler strap for a chrome, separated the layers to sew some patches on, and sewed in some tabs / pen things to clip lights onto etc.

With chromes (that I’ve seen) you can pull the inside rubbery part out of the way, and just sew threw the outer nylon, on crumplers you have to open up the seam around the edge to do that (so you don’t sew through the whole thing). Though in either case, a 10 buck garage sale sewing machine will sew threw the nylon outer on both bags, and even things like chrome seatbelt strap no worries, I’ve busted a couple sewing through climbing sling (which is thick like crumpler straps), though they last for a while :wink:

Have fun dude,


I was hoping to actually sew into the tarp so the pockets are on the inside. If I can’t, I’ll sew the corda or nylon (or whatever it’s called). I have a sewing machine but the sort of industrial one I think I might need are closer to $1000 on ebay and often require a different power supply.

Yeah a lot of them are 3-phase, and I think ya might struggle to sew through the inner on a chrome bag (you might get through, though not nicely). If I had one you could go for it, sorry bloke!