Moletta BiciSole Concept

FROM : Moletta BiciSole Concept – ZLOG


This guy just keeps being relevant. F*cking industrial designers. Do they add to the zen???

While getting these you can also get a bike mustache. Seriously WTF!

These are eww but i’d be interested to try them.

How does such a dumb idea actually get this far?

I dont even want to think how ruined/twisted/split/malformed my leg would be if i crashed at any speed. Nor how awkward it would be to put your feet ‘in’ while riding fixed.

Luckily if you look at the image you’ll see this bicycle also magically runs without a chain, so maybe it isn’t too dangerous because you’d always be stationary.

Its just a CG render.

Thus the use of ‘image’ rather than ‘photograph’.

If you go through the effort of making a 3d model why not model a chain too. Its like modeling a face without the nose.