Monday Hypothetical...

It’s Monday, I’m bored/hate my office so I thought I’d ask a hypothetical that was debated this weekend between a few mates:

If you find a wallet with money in it do you hand the whole thing in, take the cash and hand in the wallet or just keep the lot?

That’s an easy one, hand the whole thing in. Only do what you would like other people to do to you.

yep, no question, whole thing.

What if it was someone like tony abbot (or other rich dick) and you were poor. . . ?

Depends where i find the wallet.

But generally i’ll hand the whole thing in.

hookers and blow, man!
the rest of you are fucking liars.

Hand it in as found. returned a few in my time as well as mobiles. Had a few take out a $20 from it and give me for my trouble.

that’s easy too, i’d beat him to death with it and then keep the wallet, karmic balance restored :slight_smile:


i’ve also been known to give details to people that have had their car damaged by others that have driven off as well as go out of my way to contact people that have lost phones etc.

i’m a fucking saint.

hand it in complete - or rather, contact the person and directly give it to them.

When i find wallets, they are usually already stripped of cash.

I too have returned a couple untouched, I don’t see why you wouldn’t unless:

a) you’re a scumbag

b) you’re really fucking poor

well, I’d probably hand it in/find the owner money and all, though I think they’d be cases when I would keep the money.

For example, I found a GPS unit in the middle of the bush a few years ago. I could tell it belonged to a Govt Department, and I could tell it had been there for 3 months, so the department would have written it off, and at the time I was thinking of buying one, so I kept it.

if you find a bike, leaning up against a pole or wall. do you leave it, strip it, or steal the whole thing?

c) Skinhead pubcrawl.

d) douche nightclub patron who had been throwing ice at the bar girl, and generally being a dick to everyone around them.

On both of these occasions i kept the fuckn money and threw the wallet away.

you take it into ‘safe keeping’ and post it up on forums.

Depends, Could be hard trash
Have come across this before. Saw it in the morning, Checked it for cobwebs (there were), left it there until i left work and on the way home I took the parts i wanted.

otherwise, if its nice ill post on forums or leave a note where it was with my contact deets

(Edit, honestly im too lazy to post on a bunch of random bike forums so i’d just leave the note)

Take the money, put the wallet on ebay, and use the IDs and credit cards to buy macbooks from the American Amazon.

have done the above before. old cecil walker step thru kinda thing, thought it was a fold up bike initially. locked it to a pole, spoke to local businesses to see if they knew who it belonged to, left a note then put it in the secure lane behind work.

that was probably 12 months ago now, finally remembered to take it home last week. it’s fucking rad, albeit heavy as hell.

Finally someone with an honest answer!


not really, i told you i was a fucking saint