Monday night dirt ride

7:00pm each Monday
Meet here: Google Maps

Ride as much as you want, I’ll probably go to Bulleen rd and back
No need for expensive lights atm… if it gets too dark there’s always the bike path

mountain bikes, fixed gears and cross bikes all welcome

Endorsed. I’ll see how often I can make this.

Timing’s terrible for me but if I get a night off from dad stuff one day I’ll be there. Got your 29er running yet tom?


ready by the end of this week

good ride last night, user: DICE came down on his jamis hardtail

rode everything to bruce’s loop. if it wasn’t for some technical issues we probably could have done a few extra laps.

defiantly keen to continue this ride for the rest of summer. great fun

Thanks Tom. Yeah, was a good ride. I’ll be back there again in a couple of weeks when I’m back in town.

How did you go getting that brake sorted?

Hate to think what tonight’s rain has done to the tracks.

No ride tonight… looks like everything is underwater

Anyone been on the Yarra trails this week? What’s the conditions? More rain on the way tomorrow so I’m guessing this monday will be out too. :frowning:

I went out last Monday
Didn’t bother going to Ivanhoe but I did do a nice loop from Richmond to Kew
There are a lot of “trail closed” signs put up by the council. I ignored them and didn’t see any damage/mud/etc. Lots of cyclists/walkers ignored the signs too
Skipped anything close to the river (studley park)

I’ll probably do a similar loop on Monday depending on the amount of rain we get this weekend

This summer fucking sucks… lysterfield/you yangs/a million other places damaged/closed.

I’m down for this as soon as my On One arrives

Went for a ride from Burnley St (Ikea) to Alphington yesterday. Tracks seem pretty alright for the most part. The closed section north of Studley park is a mess with numerous fallen trees and washouts - so don’t bother with that section. And its very muddy in areas where the trail was submerged north of Fairfeild Boat House. I’m imagining that the parts up Heidelberg will be not so good either.

See you tomorrow night. Thinking 7pm might be getting a little late now? Its getting dark at 8.30pm now. Winter is nigh. I’ll be riding up the river from Burnley Street bridge, leaving there at 6.20pm.

Sweet, see you there
6:35ish for anyone wanting to join at Studley park rd

I have a good loop in mind starting from that bridge

No ride tonight and probably not until next summer probably :frowning:
Gets dark too early now and I have shit to do for once

Booo. Last day of summer.
Well if Tom or anyone else feels up for a ride any Friday during the day they should let me know - I sometimes go for a early morning ride before the walkers get out there.