Money making......

These guys must be raking in the money…

The Bike Bar.

That’s the funniest thing about that listing.

How much to reassemble?

Good luck to the winning bidder. Lucy and Laurie (SVB) are good sellers. You don’t sell over 500 bikes and get 100% feedback for nothing.

SVB listings might not be to everyones taste but they offer a 6 month warranty which is just about unheard of for ebay sellers.

Yep and good luck to them!!

The market for fixed gears is so lucrative these days, I am not having a go at them at all.
Good on them!

yep good on them

very honest and detailed descriptions and lots of big pics… plus warranty!

also always a very low starting bid so the market always decides what its worth

yeh, they must be doing something right. they always get good bucks for their bikes.

Bike Bar!..$30 for a Davo rebuild…that doesn’t sound right?