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The Mont24 is a annual event which is completely and utterly rad - Held at East Kowen. The track is pretty much exclusively single track, and the whole weekend is just so dam fun.

Here’s my problem, I’ve ridden this event with a few different teams over the last 3 years, and really enjoyed it, but this year I’ve got no team - and I’m not solo’ing it.

SO, does anyone want in? I’m looking to make a FOURSOME MIXED OR MALE SINGLE SPEED team. Entries open tomorrow.

Do they sell out quickly these days? I’ll have a think about it (singlespeed of course).

Usually less than a week. Last year was a huge success.

This trail is totally ok for a cross bike to as long as you’re not a completely incompetent bike handler.

How’d you go out there, man? I talked my team down from the “lets ride through the night” cliff, and they were glad for it. Did you see the drummer out in the switchbacks through the natives section at night? Its the sort of story I would scoff at on the internet, but man, it was ace :slight_smile: I had a good time and didnt come off which means my leg hole is still more closed than open. Win!

Went well, taking out the 4x SS mixed cat. 21 laps and had enough time to have gone out for a 22nd if needed. I had a decent crash on my 1st lap which left me winded and pretty average for the other 4. 34/17 didn’t help my cause either. Majorly cracked on my 5th and final lap in the morning.
Dropped by the swell tent more than a few times to see Ezy.

No drummer for me this year on Snake in the grass. Had it last year when the drum set appeared mystically at night, when it was like 0 degrees and it was awesome.

Here’s a photo of my team on the Sunday:
Photo by lorday • Instagram

21 laps! nice work! Sorry to hear you binned it. There were a few spots that crept up on you, especially in low light, one straight and blindingly quick descent with roots and deepening ruts/holes at the bottom comes to mind.

I dont have any pics except this one that some legend took:

I have no idea where it is, but I’m well cautious there :slight_smile:

Ezy was hard to walk past!

Heeeey! Only just saw this thread.

Well my 24hr experience was about a 5/10. My team of 6 consisted of 5 people. Two of which had to go to other events in the night and the other two didn’t bring any lights. So I only got out for two laps. I was meant to do the first, but was relegated to third rider - then soon after I was told I was the last rider.

My first lap took me 1hr 1min, that is with stopping to take an instagram pic of the famous drummer in the middle of the course. Later in that lap I passed a couple of dudes rocking out on a banjo. My bike didn’t feel too good on the trail, the forks are on their way out and the gear I was running was a little too big (34x17) when it came to trying to overtake people - that and I had played my first game of ice hockey for the season the night before, so the legs were a little sore.

So as soon as night time came around the team packed it in for the night and started to drink beer. I just went to bed.

The morning came around and the whole team went out on a party lap. I went out leading pretty hard, it was about 3/4 of the way through and my legs blew up and I limped home for a second lap of 1hr 03. I wish I could have cracked the sub hour mark.

Good effort JP + Lorday. It was good to keep running into and getting visits from you both!

I think I am done with 24 hours. This was my 20th. I would rather just go out and hit some good trails with some mates.

I agree mate. Its nice to see the festival atmosphere, but how awesome would it have been if there were 10 mates or so, just shredding all day, camping at night, going again in the morn, BBQ whenver you wanna stop… why don’t we do that?! I think its because an Event is a stronger excuse for a couple of days away than Riding with Mates. Bummer. $180 each, thats lots of petty, accom, food, good times.

They went through the stats at the start of the race, something like one in six riders had never raced an MTB before… I’d have been interested to hear how many had never RIDDEN an MTB before. The overtaking was full on, and the two sketchy moments I had, and the situation where a team mate went over his bars, were all related to overtaking.

All riding a celebration lap was a nice idea :slight_smile:

That pic is a good one, reminds me a bit of the cadbury gorilla. Do you know the bloke? Also reminds me of The Ring.

Yup - Famous!

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Our team’s bikes.

Bikes of the MONT 24 2013 4 by #lordayplease, on Flickr