Moral Dilemmas


I sold a bike (my AWOL) on Craigslist (like gumtree in america)

I listed it as Large (which I thought it was, having checked some dimensions to the geo-charts).

Guy came over, rode it around the block, bought it.

Now he emailed saying it’s actually an XL and it’s just too big for him, and that a Large would have been perfect.

I have no reason to doubt that from him, and I probably mis-measured (mainly because it’s harder to do than i thought). Though I checked a few things to the best of my abilities.

He hasn’t asked for money back, but I’m expecting that. I haven’t replied to his email yet.
What to do??? (oh i spent most the money already…it was $600)

He rode it…

What Jono said.

Would be different if you’d sold it over the web and shipped it to him, then he discovers on unpacking that your measurements are wrong…but yeah, he rode it. His buyer’s remorse isn’t really your problem.

seems to be a shared sentiment with people I’ve spoken to.
i feel bad because he was a nice dude, and i hate selling someone something they aren’t happy with.

I’d be having the same qualms as you tbh, but it’s a massive case of caveat emptor here: he rode the bloody thing. He had it in front of him to measure and check and fondle. That he fucked up is not your problem.

As noted, would be entirely different if he hadn’t seen it and it was just shipped to him.

Yep, +1 here too.

As above.

I had a similar thing happen a few years ago with a 29r wheelset. We meet at a local park he checked them over paid cash and took the wheels, the next evening I get a text saying he doesn’t want them anymore. I was about to set up a meeting for the return but thought I’d asked the same question on the forum they were advertised on (RB), the overwhelming majority said don’t take them back and if he doesn’t want them it’s his responsibility to sell them on.

I’d talk to the guy about it and say how you’re feeling and all that and then do what feels right during/after that conversation. It is his problem and not yours, but if it’s eating you up and he’s a nice guy and you can find a way out that you’re comfortable with then go with it. Maybe sling him $50 for getting the measurement wrong? He can sell it on.

You don’t have to do any of this. You can just stone wall him, but it’s nice to be nice.

Im kinda with Pete on this one, its nice to be nice.

Absolutely no obligation on your part to do so, but if the sizing was incorrect, even though he rode it, i think that small detail will eat at you. I mean posting this thread kind of shows its already eating at you! cos your good a dude and all =)

Have you had much interest? was he the only interested party? if you think you can sell it pretty easy to another buyer id probably take it back and re sell it.

Just tell the guy you need to save up the cash you’ve already spent, in the meantime he should try advertise it.

He may not bother with you and just try offload it himself afterall.

it’d be a different story if you still had the money, but the reality is that by taking it back you’re going to be out of pocket.

if the guy thinks it’s worth $600, he probably thinks he can get that money for it if he sells it on.

sucks he has to go through the process, but maybe that’s the lesson he has to learn for not checking the sizing and assuming you had got it right. not an ideal situation, and it’s very easy for us to answer coz we’re not in it, but that’s how i see it. it’d no doubt make me feel pretty average having to negotiate it if i were you.

maybe like pete said, have a chat to the guy, explain that it was a genuine mistake and that the money is gone, but that you’re confident he’ll be able to get his coin back from another buyer.

Yes, he rode it but probably not for very long. If it is right that your bike is actually XL, then I’d probably have the same moral dilemma as you. I’d check this first before making any decision.

As said above, it’s nice to be nice. See if you can make a deal with him, like you’ll have the bike back for 500 or so. I’d guess that AWOLs are fairly easy to flog, what with the backpacking/beardo fashion.

Another argument you can make is suggest that he can still make the frame work with shorter stem/short reach bars, given he rode the thing and was fine enough to buy it initially - guy must be in between sizes.

Also, try answer him soon as it’s not too cool to let people simmer in these sorts of situations.

Oh, you’re going to hell.

yep agree with what everyone else said (esp. with Ezy) :wink:

So you bought the bike second hand yourself and thats why you didn’t know the frame size? Just curious as I don’t think that could even happen to me, not knowing the frame size of any of my bikes.
But anyway, the guy was excited, he was keen, he was buying a bike and he was probably not paying that much attention when riding it around the block. I’d be nice and even if you already spend the money, get it from somewhere, take the bike back and sell it to someone who rides an XL…just saying. If AWOLs sell that easily just sell it again. Haven’t we all been overly excited and bought the wrong thing and wouldn’t we be very thankful if the seller would take it back realising we have all been in that situation?!

Eh, I think that’s a risk you take buying something secondhand. I don’t think the onus is on the seller to “get money from somewhere” and buy it back, he is not the one shouldering the risk in that situation and not the one who needs to take caution to prevent against these things. Whenever I commit to buying something over the net, unless I was being deceived or was able to immediately tell I’d made a huge mistake, I buy it regardless of what it turns out to be - I’ve bought bikes that didn’t fit, found holes in frames, bent steerers, but as long as it was sold to me in earnestness and I was sure that I wanted it before hand then I hold nothing against the seller. Say sorry for the mistake, and tell him that he can re use your ad to re sell it IMO. If he loses $50 then he got off lightly.

^^nah i’m dumb and forgot what i bought. (bought it new).
and i took measurements and compared it to the size-chart i found online and figured it to be a Large. I guess i got it wrong.

In the end he never asked for money back, and has listed it for sale already.

He listed it for $725.
I sold it for $600 including an extra set of brake pads, and a set of Clement MXP 33s (worn), and Pacela Panaracer (new) as well as the 44 Spec. tires it has on it.
He’s not including any of that extra stuff.

So i feel better, I’m sure he’ll find someone, i had good interest before selling it to him, but no other firm offers.
He might even make some money for his troubles.

And if i go to hell for this then i’ll be seeing most of you lot there too i imagine.

Well, he’s solved your moral dilemma for you.

(this may have been his cunning plan all along…)

It all depends if he picked it up from you at your address, or if it was at the local maccas carpark.

I wouldn’t want to stonewall someone who may be a little frustrated with you - and has your address. You never know who these random people are off gumtree/craigslist etc.

If you met in a maccas carpark (or similar), buyer beware.

I hate that kind of thing personally.

I always reckon when you sell something you want to be totally straight up. That is to say if you by chance ran into them on a street corner or a trail they’d be happy to see you. If you made a mistake its on you as a seller to fix it – this might be claiming its done 50km when its actually done more like 2000km. Or in Jimmy’s case stating an incorrect size. In his case it wasn’t intentional but it was still his error.

That said I think that time needs to be taken into consideration too. If it was a within a week or so when they made contact sure, anything more than that and you’d be more justified in saying yeah nah. Anyways it’s academic now. Glad to hear he’s sorted it.

A lot to be said for karma. Well thats my 2c.