More busted! Cracked fork...

So seeing that there seem to be a number of “broken stuff” threads going, was wondering people’s thoughts on this fork.

I got this frame/fork from a super nice guy here (Snail), but the fork has a 180 degree crack around the base (where the blades join the steerer). For completeness, I knew it was cracked when i grabbed it!

I’ve spoken to a few guys about repairing it including Keith (BrakeFree, thanks mate) and the varying opinions are:

  • Can be fixed, clean and TIG, relatively inexpensive (Paconi)
  • Can be fixed, rebuild fork with new steerer and or mill out (Jesse, Bike Bar), but super expensive

It’d probably be most economical to get Paconi, but was wondering what people’s thoughts are?

Also, has anyone had experience with Paconi’s paintwork? I’m pretty fussy and wondering if their paint is nice and glossy :slight_smile:


Paconi has years and years of experience. His paint is also very nice.

I had a frame made by Paconi once. The paint was excellent, as was the workmanship.

Did i mention he also really likes mint slices?

Noted. I have a box of mint freddos at my desk… wonder if that will suffice…?

I suppose it depends on whether you want the job done properly…

FWIW, in my experience Jesse has a ‘belts and braces’ approach. In saying that, surely running a TIG around an area like that would be sufficient…

Uni crown fork? Replace it.

^this what frame is it? Just get a nice new fork.

What do yall recon my options are :wink:

It’s just a flesh wound

I’ve buffed out worse than that!

Zip tie stitch “drift style” it is then hey.

zip tie a packet of mint slices to it.

Didn’t you say you were going to contact fab direct?

*I know you haven’t implied it but full disclosure was given re: the original fork
Prior and during point of sale.

Thanks for saying I was nice, we should go for a ride, bring the fat chance :wink:

No inference that I didn’t know it was cracked - Chris was honest upfront and no wrong doing there at all :slight_smile: Top bloke dropped it to me, to boot!

IF basically said they’d build be a new one for retail. Bah. No thank you!

Just put a sticker on it