More Kenevans

More kenevans

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It’s like everyone’s selling up to go custom Ken!

I’m pretty sure that bike was a hard rubbish find. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing it in a thread on BNA.


Not bidding just watching.

There’s always this one. Pretty sure this one was on BNA, cause he copped hell for grinding shit off it.

This one: Kenevans Fixed Gear Bicycle, Reynolds 753. 56cm c-c. Dura ace, Cinelli, Zeus. | eBay

yep, i do remember too.

also is it an actualy ken? or hilman?

I don’t want to bid now. Why bother bumping the price when I can swoop in at the end?

Well if those K panto’s aren’t enough of a tip off I don’t know a Ken when I see one!

was there k pantos? mustve missed it…damn my small asian eyes

Edit: sorry, you meant the second one.

Nah, maybe it’s my bad, I thought you meant the drewed one.

Speaking of eyes, your self effacing comment called this to mind. Big American Eyes (Season 2, Episode 5) - Video Clips - South Park Studios

oh never mind