More or less seat post?

I know this may come across as a very stupid question to most of you, but there is a “limit” line halfway down the seat post. Is this a minimum or maximum limit? When the seat post is inserted to the line, it’s a little too high for me. Can I keep pushing the seat post down? My instincts say yes, and that the line is there to indicate how deep the seat post must go at LEAST. I’m only hesitant because it says “LIMIT” like as if I’m not allowed to insert it any further.

Also, is it bad if the seat post and seat tube are tight fitting? I can still get it in and out with a bit of twisting, though it requires a lot more effort than my last seat post which would drop as soon as I loosened the clamp. I actually think that the clamp is unnecessary for the new seat post, just because it’s so tight fitting.

it’s the minimum insertion line. you can push it all the way down if you like.
as long as you can get it in it should be fine. use plenty of grease

Thank you! I can finally ride my bike now


No. Use plenty of grease. If it’s an alloy post you could also rub it down half a hair with emery paper, 800 or 1000 grit.

The clamp is necessary.