More road conversion

Thought I might as well post my ride:

Frame is a bit of a mystery. Picked up late last year as a christmas present to myself. I have no idea who made it. The seller told me it was from Belgium. Maybe “Bogardi” was a rider?

Columbus Aelle so it’s no featherweight but quite nice to ride. Pretty stiff on account of the crimped/shaped tubes and racy-ish geometry.

Looking at these photos now I’ve realised my seat is pretty far forward on the rails. I think I need a shorter stem

It would definitely make a nice roady. Groups are expensive. One day…

unless your running big tyres thats a nice tight geo for a road frame and nice paint… i find myself oddly attracted to purple these days.

Busted. I put 28s on the other day. Now I have about 2mm clearance at the rear brake bridge and about 1mm to the front brake.

very very nice! like this a lot, one of the better conversions!

I don’t usually like conversions, but this is nice.

yes this is nice, just lose the ugly seat! old school turbo would be cream on this thing.

Unless of course it’s like, you know, comfy.

nothing wrong with that saddle at all! great looking conversion and i’m digging the paint.

pffft, crazy talk

swap a brooks swift for a turbo?! Wouldn’t that be a worthy downgrade

How low is that bottom bracket - you getting much pedal strike when cornering?

Regardless of looks, i’ve got too many arse/hours invested in that shit to throw it all away. I’m no quitter

BB height is lowish, but I haven’t had anything scary happen yet.