more rules for roadies...

The Rules


That site is freakin’ awesome. Makes me want to do a few km’s now.

I have broken sooooo many rules, it’s embarassing.

I have broken a few myself, however I’m more impressed with the ones I’ve unconsciously upheld. I am not a trendy person.

i hate livestrong bracelets.

i can’t believe how many of those things i agree with, and i don’t even own a single piece of carbon.

“Goatees are permitted only if your name starts with “Marco” and ends with “Pantani”, or if your head is intentionally or unintentionally bald. One may never shave on the morning of an important race, as it saps your virility, and you need that to kick ass.”

gold… bookmarked.

What about rules for riding fixed on the street?

  1. If your jeans need rolling up they are not tight enough. Steal a pair off your little sister.
  1. Functional should never be a consideration before fashionable.
  1. if your sweet Chrome messenger bag is empty, fill it with rocks, so it looks like you’re hard at work.
  1. Every ride through the inner city should be approached as if a MASH video crew were following you.
  1. Stopping should, on no account, be predictable and measured. Instead, pull a mad side whip skid and scare the hell out of everyone. Then run the red anyway.

one should never, ever, ever let their foot touch the ground.

  1. The only valid reason to stop at a red light is to show off your track stand skillz.
  1. it is permissable - and perhaps even encouraged - for your seat (which will inevitably be a brooks, turbo or rolls) to be more expensive than your frame.
  1. All you haters suck my balls.
  1. Uncut risers will get you ejected from the ‘club’.

11.Kryptonite brand U-locks only, must be kept down back of said skinny jeans at all times

and posted on Vimeo within 30min of post ride burrito.