Fuck Campbell. :lol:
Tits and ass wins anyday. :stuck_out_tongue:

aaah, here we go…

i give it 10 posts til this one gets locked.

worth a try.

Not sure what its got to do with bike lights.
but i still cant look away

I’m just ducking down the Laundromat…

Perhaps they’re advertising their gloves, but for some reason, I don’t think this ad will be remembered for the gloves…

They know their market…

^ men who like lezzo’s?

the one on the left might just be a short guy with a mullet

I just purchased one glove and 30 red lights. Good ad.


Using lesbians to sell stuff with their “sexiness” kinda frustrates me. There was a TV ad using two girls making out to sell some dance cd I saw the other day. It was terrible.

You’ll never see two dudes making out sell some leather gloves… Wait, maybe Knog have missed their market.

What the hell is Knog? I can’t remember anymore…


It’s just like the Erin Andrews peep hole case- it’s not right, but its got to be one the most searched for terms on Google… just sayin’

Here lies a thread that never showed promise to begin with.