Morningstar Freehub tool anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has used or owns the rare Morningstar Freehub lubing tool? Seems to be a bit of a holy grail thing. and I’d love to get my hands on one.

Of course most people will just say ‘buy a new freehub’, but it’s nice to know you can purge a freehub with the right tool.

I’m sure you beardo types get excited to see this kind of thing eh:

I bought one years ago. It’s still sitting in my potions drawer, complete with potion. Seems like a good idea. I had a use for it once, but ended up having to junk the hub (can’t remember why now). Haven’t needed it since.

Use one at the shop a couple of times a week. The secret is not to wait until the freehub has problems - by then it’s too late.

  • Joel

So where can i get one? :slight_smile:

What do you use in it Joel?

Mostly Shimano freehubs which have corrosion in them - also any other loose-ball one-piece freehub. Water/washing is the enemy of freehubs so we try to get this stuff in early if it sounds dicky.

The limiting factor (if you can find the injector tool) is the replacement lube. Inspecting the original lube we made up our own batch mixing 20% copper anti-sieze with 80% slick honey. Looks and feels roughly the same as the original lube and works great. Slick honey is not sticky so doesn’t interfere with pawls.

Horatio - eBay is probably your only option. A customer gave us his on the condition we service his freehub with it. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

  • Joel

Joel, where do you work?

Thanks Joel for the insight!

you can purchase shimano freehub grease:

i have a tub of it.

Cool I’ll check it out from Shim Aus - it looks very similar to slick honey/slickoleum/dt swiss freehub grease. Says it’s for fh-7800 which was the cartridge bearing one with serviceable pawls etc. Actually similar inside to a Campy hub.

Also, the injector comes with a tiny syringe of lube - you can replace it with any Luer Lock syringe - we use 80cc ones which are much easier to fill.

Lee - thanks for the hits boost today :wink:

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