Moser does Brooklyn

Francesco decided to turn up to a cat. 1/2/3 crit race at Prospect Park !!!

“Hey Charlie, are you sitting down? Francesco Moser wants to come to the park race on Saturday… and he wants to race…”

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Moser To Race Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup

That’s fucking cool what a legend

A mate of mine was there wearing his Sanson 1977 Campionissimo jersey and got his old copy of that years Bicisport with Moser on the cover autographed. He also said everyone turned up to ride/watch.

Saw Matt post that image on hipstergram. tres cool.

His mum was visting from out of town. Of course Mattie made his mum wake up at 4:45am, ride on the back of the 3rensho tandem to prospect Park just so they could be there at 6’ish and be sure to catch the start of the race.

He’s such a legend and massive props to his mum too !!!

For a second I thought that was my photo :wink:

Cicli Devotion Studio

Somehow Gerro rocking up to St Kilda isn’t as cool anymore.