moser road nsw


seems like reasonable buying. finishing soon.

retro alloy is the new steel yo

16 minutes left and no bids - 350 bucks. Someone small get on it

If i wasn’t leaving the country in three weeks i’d be on this like a rash.

Picked this up for my better half. Seems like good buying. Hopefully no nasty alu surprises

great buying! although looks a tad bigger then a 52 to me?

Yeh I also thought it looked closer to 54, especially with the larger tube diameters playing eye tricks.

Well done. Looks pretty nice.

Yikes, hopefully it’s not a 54.

Dont want to alarm you dude but I just bought one of these myself, pics in the retro roadie thread. The sizing of these frames is a little odd. Mine looks very similar to yours and the C-T seat tube measurement is 59cm. the C-C top tube is only 55 though and they have a quite low BB. 7020 tubing and super smooth welds. It also has a quill seat post, of which I have had to re-use the specific parts in a longer post so i can ride the damn thing as the factory post is super short.

They are great bikes however and $350 is a steal.

Yeah I’m preparing myself for incorrect sizing. It’s still a bargain and I can re-use the parts.

Would be a shame though as the frame looks pretty radical.