Mosers - 1 frame, 1 full build with Dura Ace - Perth Gumtree

Sizes look about a 56, similar models built with Dedacciai Zero-Uno. Decent prices to be haggled i reckon

Francesco Moser Pro Italian frameset | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Nedlands

F Moser Racing Cycle | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Success

I just picked this one up for $600. Mostly pretty good nick. Mostly dra-ace, Non-original carbon fork and some alex rims to quanda hubs but other wise a lovely buy.

Plus the seat bolt has been stripped which means I can’t get to the seat post adjustment yet.

Original plan was to have it as my Perth bike but its proabbly too good to just use 3 or 4 weeks a year so it may head home to Melburn

good buyin matey, shame about the front fork.

Yeh but I’m happy :slight_smile:

I actually saw this before you posted but was trying to be good

I’ve had an old superlight in Perth for a few years as my commuter but the back wheel finally buckled to be almost unridable last night so I thought I’d see if it was still there.

If anyone wants a mostly rideable superlight for free in Perth let me know as my folks aren’t to ohappy with me filling up their garage

Thought this post was going to be about this 'un:

1984 FRANCESCO MOSER TT-51.151-HOUR-RECORD-ROAD vintage tt bike Campagnolo gc | eBay

That moser was good buying, though about it for my old man but held off!!

Pm sent re super light btw!!