Moses, Jesus ..... and now Spirito

A quick big-up’s from afar !!

I hope to be as well travelled when I’m your age.

i thought your face was going to be on a bit of burnt toast.

stockier than i thought :stuck_out_tongue: damn that feast looks good!

also i imagine the treasury is more stunning in real life than photos.

you didn’t happen to see a hundred year old knight guarding a stack of cups in that building did you?
oh and if you did don’t drink from the golden one, it’s a deathtrap.

Spirito’s hitman adventures.

You didn’t happen to see Karl Pilkington?

Hitman no more … now cleansed from a swim where John baptized Jesus (Jerash). No pics (wet camera) but I proudly wore Mambo boardies with Jesus motif’s - certainly drew a few stares/admiring glances for busting good style.