Most eccentric bike of the pro peleton

Chris Horner’s Trek Madone 6.9 SSL
Pro Bike: Chris Horner’s Trek Madone 6.9 SSL |

pump, spare tyre, panniers.
this struck me as being pretty out there


25cm tyres?

Bike needs fenders. Why doesn’t he just carry all that shit in a Camelback and be done with it?

Yes, not seeing any panniers. It’s a bike race FFS

Dunno who this Chris guy is but what a noob

I read this today and thought “What a total fucking Fred”
I really hope he gets second on the podium in a grand tour, just so he is eternally left wondering “Imagine if I didn’t lug that extra shit around on my bike like a cyclotourist when I didn’t have to. Am I a giant douchebag?”

This - soooo pro.

is all that gear included in the weigh in bike weight? if so, it probably makes as much sense as taping spanners or lead inside the seattube.

In the words of Foghorn Leghorn- ‘I say that’s a joke son’
Foghorn Leghorn - YouTube

Does he seriously think he’s gong to rip off a punctured tubular and glue another on?

Just to clarify from that shitty article: they’re talking about horner’s bike as he TRAINS on it, not as he RACES on it.
So fucking weird that he trains with a saddle bag, like, whoa, that’s weird man. And he has different geometry, that only like 6 other riders use. Fucken out there, man.

This article is shit. Someone find the article about Jensie’s wolf’s head trek for the ATOC.

Da Fukk? I thought it was his race bike. Fuck sake.

Here, some Jensie.

That’s not the way it was written at all…

It says…“For one thing, Horner rides with a saddle bag, even when followed by the team car. And he carries a pump, strapped to said saddle bag. His seat tube bottle cage is filled with a spare tubular, just in case.”

Meh. All the stuff about “Chris Horner has never been overly concerned with what professionals are “supposed to do””. Trying to paint him as some sort of renegade. Probably the only odd thing (and I can’t confirm this cos I wouldn’t know) is carrying the spare tubular when a team car is behind.
Just a dumb article, trying to make a story that isn’t really there.
How about a story on how the TOC doesn’t have in-race drug controls? Now THAT would be interesting.

It doesn’t? How’s that possible these days? I just read pedalare, pedalare the history of Italian cycling followed by kimmage’s rough ride. If you ever want to get depressed about cycling these are two to read.

Apologies: just did a bit of research and it turns out that they are testing this year. It was last year that there was no in-competition testing.

yeh maybe i was a bit slow on the uptake but article seemed misleading.

obviously he does.